How to delete the account ID?

If you want to delete the account ID, please follow the path below:
Settings >>  Permission Settings >>  Delete all personal data

1.Click the settings button in the upper right corner of the “Me” page to enter the “Settings” page, and click “Privacy Settings”.

2. Click “Delete all person data” to delete the account.


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How to delete the users?

If you want to delete a member, you can follow the below path
Me >> Members >> Edit

1. Click “Me-Member” to enter the member page.

2. Click “Edit” and click the red delete button to delete the member.


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How to sync the data with Fitbit and Google Fit?

Fitbit and Apple Health can only be used for the primary user, that is, the user established when first used. If you have updated to the latest version and still do not have FITBIT and Apple Health, it means that you are a non-master user at this time and you need to switch to the master user.

1 ) Click “Member” in “I”.

2 ) You can see the primary user in the first position, click to switch to the primary user.

3 ) Click on “me “and you can see FITBIT and Google Fit.

Please note the ScaleUp app can sync with Fitbit and Google Fit, while it cannot currently sync with other apps.

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Why is my measured weight not accurate?

The scale will have measurement errors in soft and uneven places (such as carpet). Please put the scale on a hard/flat surface and step on the scale barefoot. Then the screen will light up.


1. Please check your personal information (gender, age and height) to ensure that your information is accurate. -Make sure that your scale is on a hard and flat surface. Some surfaces look flat but they are not. Try different hard surfaces.

2. Check the leg of the scale before measuring. If they are unbalanced, the data will be inaccurate. -Make sure to display “0.00” on the display before use.  Have your barefoott full touching the electrodes.

3. Stand firmly on the scale and do not shake your body when weighing.

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Why do I need to turn on GPS for Android phones?

Android phone 6.0+ requires enabling location in order to use Bluetooth . The Android operating system requires it to search and sync with Bluetooth devices.

Caution: BLE scanning requires your permission to enable location because BLE scanning identifies objects that could be used for geolocation. Turning off location will disable Bluetooth.

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